Fantasy Gardens Gal Gracen

Gal Gracen | Fantasy Gardens

Fantasy Gardens is Gal Gracen’s first full-length LP, a collection of elysian pop ballads dressed in a new age aesthetic pondering the nature of romanticism in the human world.

Vancouver’s Gal Gracen latest release, FANTASY GARDENS, is a work brimming with empyreal bedroom pop and kaleidoscopic fantasia. Recorded in Vancouver, Ho Chi Minh City and on Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu, this record would have fit in neatly with Underwater Peoples’ mean streak of lo-fi releases in the late ’00s. Self-described as a collection of “elysian pop ballads dressed in a new age aesthetic,” there’s a wholly imaginative sonic world to get lost in here — one equal parts exotica and art rock.


Gal Gracen is a luminous projection of atmospheric bedroom pop generated from the soft-focus escapism and existential musings of singer/instrumentalist Patrick Geraghty (along with a host of collaborators). Since 2013’s exotica-tinged “Blue Hearts in Exile” (Green Burrito Records), Gal Gracen has explored cinematic sounds and melancholic moods across a number of eps and singles that have varied in style, but that all share a common fascination with the psychic dreamlands that individuals create and inhabit.

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