Royksopp discogs scalpers

WTF | Röyksopp – Melody A.M. Sold for $8178.00!

Just when you think the levels of scalping on Discogs can’t get any more surreal, this album sells for a mint because..well, Banksy.

This week the 2002 vinyl copy of Röyksopp – Melody A.M. sold for $8178.00 on Discogs.

bert WTF discogs scalpers

I remember when this album was being lauded in the press in 2002. Future Music made a big to do about it in their music review section, and I was one of the unfortunates that purchased it. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish listening to it, and just shelved it. While it wasn’t the worst Electronic album I’ve ever heard, it was easily one of the most forgettable. Fast forward 18 years, and some Discogs scalper has re-purposed this unmemorable album as an $8178.00 piece of memorabilia.

A member on Discogs wrote a comment that summed it up rather well..

“Music” should be mostly about “music”, right? Obviously this is not the case here as “Melody A.M.” features a cover art by a famed artist…

IMHO there is not one single track that actually stands out or let alone would stick in your head even if you had listen to it a few times…

So this leaves us with the “packaging” of “Melody A.M.”..However, I do not see anything unique or exciting in the cover artwork of “Melody A.M.” – except that it was made by the famed artist named “Banksy”.

Unfortunately just like Röyksopp fizzled with their music, Banksy was also unable to create something special for the duo’s album cover.

“Melody A.M.” is utterly disappointing, musically and visually.

When will the Bubble Burst?

I figured we reached critical mass when used vinyl had started to surpass Gold as a safeguard for preserving wealth, but I guess not. I can only imagine some of the rare records people are hoarding, waiting for the market to top out. Too bad Discogs doesn’t offer daily candlestick charts on vinyl sales.

If you’re an investor looking for market research on the growth of the Vinyl Record Industry, you can always pickup this market report for $3350 – which is actually 60% less than the aforementioned Röyksopp record.

This phenomenon isn’t something isolated to seemingly obscure hipster records either. This week scalpers on Discogs are flipping Tools new album for hundreds of dollars. When art and commerce mix, you’re going to sometimes get people like this involved…

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

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